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Innovative Solutions for the Ceramics-Tiles Industry & Structuring a Modern Marketplace

At Jana Tiles, we are dedicated to providing high-quality tiles that transform spaces into stunning works of art. Our extensive range includes floor tiles, wall tiles, and multi-purpose tiles designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With a focus on innovative designs and superior materials, we ensure that every tile not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also stands the test of time. Trust Jana Tiles to bring your vision to life with our exceptional products and unparalleled customer service.

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At Jana Tiles, we specialize in offering a comprehensive range of ceramic and vitrified tiles that cater to both residential and commercial spaces. Our commitment to quality and innovation drives us to source and design tiles that meet the highest standards of durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are looking to revamp your home or enhance a commercial property, our diverse selection of floor, wall, and multi-purpose tiles provides the perfect solution for every project.

With an extensive array of finishes including glossy, matt, satin, and more, our tiles are crafted to suit various styles and preferences. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and strive to make your tile selection process seamless and enjoyable. Trust Jana Tiles to bring sophistication and elegance to your spaces with our meticulously curated collections.

In addition to our wide selection, Jana Tiles is committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing. We prioritize eco-friendly practices in our production processes and ensure that our tiles are manufactured with minimal environmental impact. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond our products to include ongoing support and guidance for our customers, ensuring that each project is completed to perfection. Choose Jana Tiles for a blend of quality, innovation, and integrity that elevates your living and working environments.

Mission & Vission


Our mission is to transform spaces with high-quality, innovative tiles while promoting sustainability and providing exceptional customer service. We aim to be the leading choice for stylish and durable ceramic solutions, enhancing the aesthetic and functional appeal of any environment.


Our vision is to lead the ceramics-tiles industry with cutting-edge designs and sustainable practices, creating beautiful and enduring spaces worldwide. We aspire to be the trusted partner for quality and innovation in tile solutions, inspiring creativity and excellence in every project.

Our Core Values


Upholding honesty in every transaction ensures trust and customer satisfaction.


Taking full responsibility for our products guarantees quality and reliability.

Ongoing Development

Committed to ongoing development to enhance skills and innovation.


Maximizing productivity to deliver superior results swiftly and effectively.


Promoting teamwork to achieve collective goals and drive success.


Delivering outstanding outcomes through dedication and strategic planning

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Jana Tiles & Marbles Lifes

Addressing Challenges, Advancing Careers

We tackle challenges head-on while fostering career growth and development. Our commitment to innovative solutions and professional advancement ensures success for individuals and organizations alike.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

Available in various dimensions such as 300x300 mm, 400x400 mm, and 600x600 mm, our ceramic floor tiles are designed for durability and style. Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, they offer easy maintenance and a wide range of designs. Enhance your interiors with tiles that combine functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Our ceramic floor tiles come in a variety of finishes, including matte, glossy, and textured surfaces, catering to diverse design preferences.